Press is press, short for hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses, press refers to the industrial complex by forming a forming machinery, General hydraulic cylinders, hence it also called hydraulic machines. In the building materials industry, compressor is short for brick machine, compressor and manual and automatic hydraulic brick machine brick.

Artificial stone press is mainly composed of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum and automatic control parts, ensure that the quartz stone in high vacuum and high frequency vibration environments quickly.

Composite multilayer press attention for processing: sandwich panels, fiberglass glass-fiber-reinforced panels, GRP balsa cored panels, building panels, sandwich panels, fiberglass panels, SIP structural insulated panels, foam core sandwich panels, Kevar bullet-proof plates, ballistic armor, honeycomb sandwich panels.

Designed for lightweight composite plates (such as honeycomb sandwich panels), polyurethane insulation boards, bullet-proof armor plates, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, glass fiber reinforced polyester sheet, sheet molding composites, glass mat thermoplastic material production such as providing equipment solutions.