Press machine

Press (including presses, hydraulic presses) is a compact universal press. Has a wide range of uses, the production efficiency is high pressure machine can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. By applying strong pressure on metal stock metal plastic deformation and fracture into parts. Mechanical presses at work by electric motors via v-belt pulley driven pulley (usually doubles as a flywheel), gear and clutch driven crank-slider mechanism, the slide block and punch straight down. Upon completion of the mechanical presses in forging the slider drive upward, clutch disengaged, and auto-complete on the crank shaft, make the slide stop in the vicinity of TDC.

Press through the transmission mechanism driven by the motor body, imposing technology on workpiece. Drive mechanism for belt drives, gear reduction mechanism of working institutions screw mechanism, crank and cylinder.

Presses, screw presses, crank presses and hydraulic presses of three categories. Crank press, also known as mechanical presses.

Screw press dead with no fixed, for large forging parts, you can hit multiple times, singles, even and inch. Combat force and the deformation of the workpiece, deformation force when small, small deformation (as cold blow), large combat force. In these respects, it is similar to hammer. But its impact through the closed rack, so smooth, much smaller than the hammer of vibration, does not need a great Foundation.

Presses are equipped with forged ejecting device in the lower part. Screw press and forging, mechanical presses and other forging machinery, Magnum is strong and can be used for forging, stamping, deep drawing process. In addition, the screw press is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, so widely used.