Press machinery used

Inappropriate pressure machine operation or presses, stamping die set led the primary cause of damage and downtime. Properly trained press operator and stamping die sets can operate to ensure they are following the correct process. This will quickly reduce downtime.

Per class actions to the controller before the brake shaft lubricated, Rod ball top daily classes with a grease gun before filling the oil amount, 20-30, clutch parts shift pressure oil gun lubricant injection once a day. Downtime before the machines are cleaned in each class.

Check fasteners, padded external missing parts. Check the clutch and springs, belt. Inspect the machine tool lubrication device. Check the electrical circuit damage, aging, motor, the electromagnets are normal. Check the rail precision and wear of the crankshaft. Check the brakes, clutch, slider, closed, closed-loop. Check the electrical control system. Bench bolt testing and adjustment of the fuselage.

Depending on the press machine type and processing requirements, develop targeted, practical and safety procedures, and make the necessary job training and safety education. Used unit and the operator must be in strict compliance with design and manufacturing units to provide safety instructions for use of provisions and procedures, proper use and maintenance. Operation General safety the pressure requirements are as follows:

Before moving the equipment, check press control parts, clutch and brakes is in a valid state, safety devices are complete works, crank-slider mechanism with no exceptions. Exception shall immediately take the necessary measures, not running with illness, demolished and damaged safety devices is strictly prohibited. Subject to idle before the official operation of the test, make sure the sections properly before they can work. Before starting the work on all unnecessary items to prevent vibration drive fall injured or hit the switch causes the slider to suddenly start. Operation must use tools is prohibited directly into the die pick up with your hands, hand tools shall not be placed on the mold.