Press safety

Because of the speed and pressure characteristics of punch, punch for punch, the shape must comply with certain safety regulations.

1. Exposed outside of the compressor power-train components, you must install the protective cover, prohibition in the case of removing the protective cover or driving test.

2. Drive should be checked before the main fastening screws are loose, mold has no cracks, control mechanisms, clutches, brakes, automatic stop device is normal, lubrication system for blockages or lack of oil. If necessary, open empty test.

3. Install the die must open the slider to bottom dead center, shut height must be correct, avoid eccentric loads; die must be fastened firmly and pressure checks.

4. Work should concentrate, no hands and tools and other objects into the hazardous area. Small pieces must use special tools (tweezers or feeding mechanism) to operate. Die stuck when blank, only use tools for free.

5. Found presses running unusual or abnormal noise, (such as batter, crackling) should stop immediately feeding, check the reason. Rotating loosening, loosening of the controls malfunction, die and defect repair should stop.

6. Each out-a workpiece, hands or feet must leave the button or pedal, in order to prevent misuse.

7. When two or more operations, should be driving, pay attention to good coordination. Work should die before falling on, disconnect the power, and make any necessary cleaning.