Punch failure troubleshooting

1, fever sleeves scratch bad crankshaft bearings, lubrication lapping copper tile again, check lubrication.

2, copper scrap from the bearings the oil flow in lack of lubricating oil, lubricating oil dirty check lubrication, bearings apart for cleaning

3, guide burning guide clearance is too small, poor lubrication, poor contact anew scratch Guide, adjust the clearance, pay attention to lubrication

4, operating the clutch when not combined or tied up at the Rotary spring loses its elasticity for health key being too tight to replace the spring, scraping keys of the Institute combined with clearance

5, the clutch is disengaged when the slider does not stop at the top dead center position the Ribbon pull enough of braking with excessive wear, brake wheel skidding oil adjust brakes, brake spring tension, replaced with clean kerosene brake and wheel rim

6, stripper does not meet out try adjusting head position turn the handwheel by hand back

7, connecting rod screw rotation or impact device loosening rotation lock device

8, connecting rod screw ball head cushion impact to the slider ball bad contact with the cushion cover, cap screws loose lapping ball, ball pad, tighten cap screws

9, press the button (on) does not work power circuit breakers, thermal cut-outs power check circuit system to eliminate the fault