Air Compressor Industry Trends Will Be Unstoppable

At present, the national economy began a tide of economic restructuring in the areas, as the economic boom continues play, China air compressor industry will continue the background of the economies in transition. According to analysis: in in recent years of outbreak type development process in the, China empty pressure machine industry of concentrated degrees also has improve, market subject of upstream moved into also made has must of performance, "strong teamed up", and "enterprises enterprises cooperation" of development mode also again rendering, technology development, and new development, innovation development mode also made has must of progress; nevertheless, China empty pressure machine industry still to insisted variety level of combined adjustment, to breakthrough traditional of single development.

1, frequency converter air compressor pressure setting. Production equipment to meet the minimum required pressure can be set as pressure, frequency converter air compressor based on pipe network pressure fluctuating trends, adjust the speed of the speed of the air compressor, or even eliminate the uninstall operation of air compressor and saves energy.

2, because the compressor does not exclude the possibility of long-running under full load conditions, so only by maximum demand of motor capacity, so the design capacity is too large. In actual operation, the proportion of light loading time is very high. Uses the frequency conversion velocity modulation, can greatly improve the run-time efficiency. Therefore, great potential for energy saving.

A good air compressor maintenance organisations should have a lot of very good quality, for air compressor problems with a timely and accurate judgments, maintenance of many in the market, as consumers, we are in the actual selection process, but also has a lot of attention to the need to take care of it.