Air Compressor Motor Of Six Energy-saving Programme

Motor energy-saving programme roughly six

1 choose energy-saving motor. High efficiency motor compared with General Motors, and optimizes the overall design, selection of high quality copper and silicon steel sheet, reducing losses, losses fell by 20%~30% efficient 2%~7%; investment recovery period of 1-2 years, some for several months. In contrast, efficient motor than J02 motor efficiency is improved by 0.413%. Therefore it is imperative to use high efficiency motor to replace old-style motor.

2, selecting motor capacity to save energy. States on the operation of three-phase asynchronous motor 3 provides as follows: load ratio between 70%~100% for economic operation; load factor 40%~70% for the General runs district; load rate in 40% for the non-economic areas. Motor capacity selection improperly, will no doubt cause a waste of energy. Using the right motor, improving power factor and load rate can reduce power consumption and save energy.

3, the use of magnetic slot wedge instead of the wedge. Magnetic slot wedge of mainly lower in asynchronous motor no-load iron losses, no-load iron loss is attached by the slot effect caused by harmonic magnetic flux in the motor stator and rotor core. Stator and rotor core additional iron induced high frequency loss known as the pulsating loss. In addition, the stator and rotor teeth sometimes positive and sometimes staggered tooth surface gear cluster of magnetic flux change induced eddy currents in the tooth line layer and surface wear. Collectively known as the high frequency pulsating wear and surface loss loss and stray losses of their motor 70%~90%, 10%~30% referred to as load additional loss, is generated by the leakage flux. Using magnetic slot wedge will reduce the starting torque 10%~20%, but using magnetic slot wedge of electric motor than with the conventional wedge motor iron loss can reduce 60k, and fit to be empty or light load motor to start rebuilding.

4, using Y/automatic switching device. To solve the waste of electricity when the light, on the premise of not replace motor, Y/automatic switching device can be used to achieve energy-saving purposes. For three-phase AC power, loads of different method gets the voltage is different, thus the energy from the power grid also is different.

5, motor power factor and reactive power compensation. Improving the power factor and reactive power compensation for reduced power loss is the main objective. Is equal to the ratio between active power and apparent power power factor, typically, a low power factor will cause excessive current, for a given load, when the supply voltage is constant, the power factor, the lower the greater the current. Power factor as high as possible in order to save energy.

6, inductive motors, liquid speed. Liquid resistor speed control technology in the traditional product based on liquid resistance starter of development. To change the spacing adjust the resistance of the plate to reach stepless speed regulation purposes. This makes it also good starting performance, it powers on for a long time, brings the heating problem, thanks to the unique structure and reasonable heat exchange system, its working temperature limit at a reasonable temperature. Winding motor with liquid resistance adjustable speed technology, to its work reliable, and installation convenient, and energy-saving range big, and easy maintenance and the investment low advantages, get has quickly promotion, for some adjustable speed precision requirements not high, adjustable speed range requirements not wide, and not frequently adjustable speed of winding type electric machine, as wind machine, and pump, equipment of medium winding type motor used liquid adjustable speed effect significantly.