Analysis Of Test Bias Of The Market Process In China

With international market needs of constantly expanded, and people life is closely related to of test machine industry also get has rapid of development, but due to technology and the innovation, aspects of reasons, domestic test machine industry and abroad still has huge of gap, key core technology lack, low repeat, products of stability and the reliability have not to fundamental of solution, in high-end precision instruments Shang still serious rely on imports, large imports on industry development caused adverse effect.

Metals, non-metallic, high temperature alloy and polymer compounds in order to achieve the best use of materials, in addition to structural design, process, impact factors, their physical properties is an important and indispensable factor, testing machine is the preferred instrument for measuring physical properties of materials and the necessary tools. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of industrial production, once obscure testing machine industry today has come out of the boudoir, increasingly to people working below the industry's market potential and strong development momentum, data showed China test sales total up to 4 billion yuan annually.

In addition, with the test machine is widely, our team has also been engaged in material performance testing becomes quite large. Professional meetings, both at home and abroad every year to convene a large meeting of the mechanics of, such as international conferences, fatigue, fracture mechanics general mechanics conferences.

Tester has been restricted by Europe and the United States for cutting-edge research projects in China, so our testing machine for national brands, enhance the market competitiveness of domestic test machine is particularly important. Facing competition from imported products, we look forward to the domestic enterprises go its own way of testing machine, testing machine of our own.