Brief Introduction And Working Principle Of High Speed Press

    The hydraulic machine is a kind of machine which uses the liquid as the working medium, according to the Pascal principle to transmit the energy to realize various craft. Hydraulic machine generally by the local (host), power system and hydraulic control system composed of three parts. Hydraulic Machine (also known as: Hydraulic press) using the Pascal's law of the use of liquid pressure transmission machinery, a lot of kinds. Of course, use is also varied according to need. such as by the transfer pressure of the type of liquid to be divided, there are hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses two major categories. The total pressure produced by the hydraulic press is large, and is often used for forging and stamping. Forging hydraulic press is divided into the die forging press and the forging machine hydraulic press two kinds. Die forging hydraulic pressure mold, and the free die forging hydraulic press. The first million ton hydraulic press made in China is the free forging hydraulic press.High Speed Press
    Hydraulic press is a kind of machine which uses liquid as the working medium to transfer energy to realize various processes. Besides being used for forging and forming, hydraulic press can also be used for correcting, pressing, packing, pressing block and platen. Hydraulic presses include hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses. Water-based Liquid as the working medium called hydraulic Press, oil as the working medium called hydraulic Press. The specifications of the hydraulic press are generally indicated by the nominal working force (KN) or the nominal tonnage (ton). Hydraulic presses for forging are mostly hydraulic presses with higher tonnage. In order to reduce the size of equipment, large-scale forging hydraulic press is more commonly used than high pressure (35 MPa or so), and sometimes the use of more than 100 MPa ultra-high pressure. Other uses of the hydraulic machine generally use 6e 25 MPa work pressure. The tonnage of the hydraulic machine is lower than the hydraulic press.High Speed Press
    Working principle: The working principle of hydraulic press. The area of large and small plunger is S2, S1, and the force of plunger is F2 and F1 respectively. According to the Pascal principle, the liquid pressure is equal everywhere, namely F2 S2; F2 (S2 S1). The hydraulic gain function, like the mechanical gain, the force increases, but the work does not gain, so the movement distance of the large plunger is twice times the S1 S of the small plunger movement distance. Working medium: The working medium used by the hydraulic press not only transmits pressure, but also ensures that the working parts of the machine are sensitive, reliable, long life and less leakage. The basic requirement of the hydraulic press to the working medium is: Shan has suitable fluidity and low compressibility to improve the transmission efficiency, Shan can prevent rust, Shan has good lubricating property, Shan is easy to seal, Shan performance is stable and long-term work without deterioration. The hydraulic press initially uses water as the working medium, later uses in the water to add a small amount of emulsified oil to become the emulsion, in order to increase lubrication and reduce rust. In the late 19th century, oil-hydraulic press with mineral oil as working medium appeared. Oil has good lubricity, anti-corrosion and moderate viscosity, and is conducive to improving the performance of hydraulic press. In the late 20th century century, a new type of water-based emulsion was developed, the emulsification of which was "oil-water", rather than the original "water package oil". "Oil-coated water" emulsion of the external phase is oil, its lubricity and corrosion resistance close to the oil, and oil content is very small, not easy to burn. But the water base emulsion price is more expensive, limited its promotion.High Speed Press