C Frame Press Attention

              The work of the C-type press is mainly by the movement to complete the product processing, the gas-liquid pressurized cylinder is the main core part of the C-type press, its working principle is to drive the oil pressure through compressed air to achieve high output. The output of the gas-liquid pressurized cylinder can be adjusted by the driving pressure source, and the control is controlled by two solenoid valves, a control pressurization cylinder controlled by a preload, and the operation is very concise.C Frame Press

              The pneumatic C-type press has many advantages over the mechanical drive and the hydraulic press. Environmental protection energy-saving, easy to operate, easy to maintain, light equipment, no temperature rise and so on, the disadvantage is more than 100 tons of output advantages.C Frame Press

              Because of the C-type pressure machine's gas-liquid pressurized cylinder is often in high speed running state, easy to cause the machine wear, so should operate according to the operation manual, the pressure cylinder working temperature in -5℃~60℃ around, operating speed 50~1000mm/s, in order to ensure the normal operation of the pressurized cylinder, should pay attention to the following points: 1. Keep clean in the pressurized cylinder before access to the gas road, please first the pipeline and components in the dust and other debris removal, so as not to reduce the service life of the pressurized cylinder. 2. The normal pressure range is used, the cylinder in the normal use of the work pressure must be in accordance with the inspection report stipulated in the work pressure within the scope of work, not exceeding the prescribed work pressure. 3. Pay attention to the working environment of the pressurized cylinder. Cylinder in the design of the working environment of the temperature has been set, if the work needs to change the working environment over the temperature and the turbocharger cylinder technology related personnel. Because some of the components in the cylinder are iron, please do not put it in a working environment for the use of complex environment (such as chemical contact environment), and in addition to the front of the cylinder to install effective air handling components (three-point combination) and then refueling lubrication and drainage treatment. 4. Can not be modified to add other hydraulic oil. Pressurized cylinder in the design of the selection of hydraulic oil quality for vg68# anti-wear hydraulic oil, can not be withdrawn from other liquid media (such as oil, water, etc.). 5. Be sure to follow the procedure. The action program must follow the action program of the gas road distribution diagram, that is, the preload action-pressurized action pressure release-preloading reset. 6. Pay attention to maintenance, often check the booster cylinder operation. In order to avoid the cylinder in the pressure when the action of excessive damage to your mold or workpiece, please enter the booster section into the entrance to add a pressure relief valve in order to effectively protect your products. In order to ensure the stability of the booster cylinder, it is recommended to install a storage pump in parallel between the triple and booster cylinders as far as possible. Using the pressurized cylinder more than 500,000 times or more than half a year, it is recommended that the hydraulic oil in the cylinder be replaced once in order to improve the service life and working years of the cylinder.C Frame Press