C Frame Press Tell You The Structure Of The Hydraulic Press

      The structure of the machine is prestressed frame tie rod structure, the main components are steel plate welding structure, the overall appearance of the fuselage is flat and beautiful, and the main cylinder is sealed with imported seals to ensure reliable sealing performance. In order to ensure that the eccentric load can not be borne by the Guide rail, the machine is equipped with an automatic tracking and compensating system.C Frame Press
      The machine adopts frame-type lever pretension structure, the machine tool has good rigidity, the slider adopts Four Corners Guide, high precision and strong resistance to load, and has a full tonnage blanking buffer device, low noise can replace mechanical pressure machine, with rotating worktable, hydraulic cushion independent system, electric adopts imported PLC control. The machine series is not only suitable for deep stretching, also can complete the shallow stretching, blanking blanking, flanging and other stamping process, especially in the automotive parts manufacturing area has a broad application, if matching the corresponding mold, can produce car body cover, brake pads, fuel tanks, chassis, bridge shell, bumpers and so on.C Frame Press
      Hydraulic machine is a type of machinery, is also a member of hydraulic machinery, hydraulic machine also known as hydraulic press, said liquid pressure machinery and hydraulic press; Dongguan Jin Machinery factory based on production experience to prepare the characteristics of hydraulic press, for the industry reference and exchange. Hydraulic machinery is the equipment and tools that can work through fluids. Common in heavy equipment. C Frame Press
      In this kind of equipment, the hydraulic oil is transported to the actuator of the equipment with high pressure through the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump is driven by an engine or an electric motor. Control hydraulic oil by manipulating various hydraulic control valves to obtain the required pressure or flow. Each hydraulic element is connected by a hydraulic pipe.C Frame Press