Code For Operation And Maintenance Of High Speed Press

     Carefully check the pressure of compressed air before working, when the pressure is less than 3.92266X105PA (4KG/CM2), the press shall not be actuated. Check the equipment control system, lubrication system is normal. Check the clutch, brakes and protective devices for safety and integrity. High Speed Press

     In order to prevent the pressure machine slide block is stuck, strictly prohibit overload operation. After the start of the motor, to wait for the normal flywheel speed after the operation of the slider to forge, work, the operator must not leave the post, also not to clean, adjust, lubrication equipment. No hand or tool will be allowed to extend the travel range of the slider.High Speed Press

     The pedal control board should be fitted with a safety cover, lest other people or other objects be wrongly pressed and cause the slippery block to slip suddenly, causing an accident. Pressure captain time continuous work, should pay attention to check the motor, clutch, brakes, sliders and rails and other places there is no overheating, smoke, sparks and other phenomena, if any, should be properly cooled and then continue to work. At the end of the work, to make the slider fall to the next dead point position, and cut off the power supply, close compressed air, finishing the work site, do a good job shift.High Speed Press

     The lubricating oil is required according to the lubricating table and the work of the power supply system and the mechanical system is safe and reliable. Before work on the machine equipment refueling, testing machine, after the identification of all normal, and according to the Labor Department to wear good labor protection supplies can boot production, all production parts and materials to be stacked neatly, and according to the provisions of the machine, electrical control box and fire protection facilities to maintain a certain distance. After the boot, should check whether the rotation direction of the large gears in line with the direction of the arrow, empty operation 2-3 minutes, to confirm the normal operation.High Speed Press