Description Of The Driver Of H Frame Press

A forging machine that uses liquid as a working medium to transfer pressure to produce great working force. Besides being used for forging and forming, hydraulic press can also be used for correcting, pressing, packing, pressing block and platen. Hydraulic presses include hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses. Water-based Liquid as the working medium called hydraulic Press, oil as the working medium called hydraulic Press. H Frame Press

The specifications of the hydraulic press are generally indicated by the nominal working force (KN) or the nominal tonnage (ton). Hydraulic presses for forging are mostly hydraulic presses with higher tonnage. In order to reduce the size of equipment, large-scale forging hydraulic press is more commonly used than high pressure (35 MPa or so), and sometimes the use of more than 100 MPa ultra-high pressure. Other uses of the hydraulic machine generally use 6~25 MPA work pressure. The tonnage of the hydraulic machine is lower than the hydraulic press.H Frame Press The universal frame type circuit breaker plays a protective role in the normal low voltage line, in addition to the correct selection, it must be maintained securely to ensure that the circuit breaker completes the predetermined work task in the line. The circuit breaker should do the following work during normal work. Through the operation of a section, should be regularly repaired, to remove the dust or foreign objects falling on the circuit breaker, should keep clean dry noise and ensure good operation, the transmission part can be appropriate to add lubricating oil according to the situation.H Frame Press

Universal frame Type Circuit Breaker interrupter should remove the metal particles and foreign bodies on the wall of the interrupter and the grating in time to maintain good condition. After the long use of circuit breakers, such as inspection found that contact wear less than the original thickness of 1/3, the contact should be replaced in a timely manner. Periodically check the current setting value and delay value of the tripping device, especially the electronic tripping device, and check the action characteristic with the test button regularly.H Frame Press

The drive system of the hydraulic press is mainly driven by the pump and the pump-accumulator drive two types. Pump directly drive the drive system of the pump to the hydraulic cylinder to provide high-pressure working liquid, valve used to change the supply direction, overflow valve used to regulate the system's limited pressure, while the safe overflow effect.H Frame Press