Domestic Press Manufacturer Price Fight Hard Battle

Progress as soon as possible China's machine tool sector skills innovation ability and focused cooperation, has become an important mission. In this context, numerous building skills of machine tool industry, enterprises innovation strategic alliance. Innovation strategic alliance has a clear objective, that is, to link their respective corporate skill specialty and advantage, play skills, elite force, the formation of thematic research, focusing on key skills bottlenecks grow skills and key skills for user industries skills cooperation difficult, open up cutting-edge innovation skills, skills promotion property innovation ability.

For now, huge machine tool industry needs to speed up innovation catalyst. National equipment manufacturing recovery brought unprecedented wealth into the level, requests for advanced CNC machine tools is quite urgent. In particular aerospace and defense ordnance factories, nuclear power, wind power, automobiles, high-speed intercity rail transportation equipment category of special material machine, ultra thin and shaped surfaces and puts high speed, high precision, and multiaxial combined processing of requests, requires yearly progress to advanced CNC machine tools in the market.

Is slowing the country's economic development goals shifted from speed to quality adjust the inevitable result. Looking ahead to 2015, the economic environment will remain severe, expected domestic demand and exports were also not significantly warming forced the industrial structural adjustment pressure in the market is likely to remain in existence. Meanwhile, challenges can also imply opportunities, forcing mechanisms of the market are beginning to expect results. In the past year, China's machinery and equipment manufacturing to high-end upgrades faster, equipment autonomy levels increase, the robot industry is accelerating the rise, "the fusion of two, green production" and the development of modern producer services was accelerated. With the large number of famous foreign giants into China and through the points in the Chinese market, dances with wolves present situation of forced domestic companies hard skills, which allows us to see a number of new equipment with independent intellectual property rights have begun to emerge, we have reason to believe that in 2015, and will be China's equipment manufacturing industry continued to develop, better year.