H Frame Press Tell You The Industry's Development

     Horizontal pull wide hydraulic machine industry chain, the development of automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and power generation equipment and other major scientific and technological projects in the four areas of urgent need for hydraulic equipment; longitudinal elongated hydraulic machine industry chain, the study of FRP and other emerging materials hydraulic press molding products new technology, to provide complete sets of forming technology and equipment; extend the industrial chain of hydraulic machinery Hydraulic integration of forging equipment, cross hydraulic machinery industry chain, the development of molds and auxiliary equipment, such as kits. At the same time, strengthen the patent transformation work of technological innovation achievements, accelerate the realization of "04 Special" new products industrialization.H Frame Press
     Insisting on the combination of independent innovation and "borrow Brain", set up with senior experts, scientific research institutions and forging companies to jointly carry out "research and production" technical cooperation platform, with high-end technology as a point of cooperation, closely with domestic colleges and universities, research institutes and abroad engaged in hydraulic press study institutions and well-known hydraulic machine manufacturing enterprises to carry out strategic cooperation, cohesion to create " China high-end hydraulic press research base.H Frame Press
     In connection with the need for the country, "large-scale six-axis CNC mobile rotary head frame hydraulic Machine Equipment" project mastered the large-scale ship plate bending forming technology, to meet the ship and other industries on the bow, stern and other ultra-thick sheet metal forming processing needs. Project products to achieve domestic and foreign sales, to achieve the ability to develop independent technical level, the overall technical level of products into the international advanced ranks. Days forging companies to lock aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, military, new energy and new materials, such as national key industries, key areas of heavy-duty CNC Hydraulic machine equipment Concentrated force, has launched a number of first sets of the first set, in order to help "China's creation."H Frame Press
     In the main "04 Special hydraulic machine Products first set", Days forging company to the production generation, the reserve generation and pre-research generation for the idea, in advance of the next annual technical planning, research and production cooperation plan and product development plan, by the Expert Advisory Committee after the approval of the implementation of Technical Committee, the establishment of the annual Technical Center construction Plan, Determine the cost of science and technology development, define the annual standard setting and patent declaration plan, clear patent technology and proprietary technology, formulate annual declaration National Science and Technology Project plan, ensure the implementation of technology innovation strategy.H Frame Press