H Frame Press To Tell You The Cleaning Method Of Hydraulic Press

     The cleaning time is determined by the size of the hydraulic jack, the filtration accuracy required and the degree of contamination of the hydraulic jack. In general it is the day and night of the day. When the scheduled cleaning time is reached, the cleaning work can be determined according to the type and quantity of impurities filtered in the filter net.H Frame Press

     The purpose of the second cleaning is to put the residue of the first installation of dirt, such as sealing fragments, different quality of oil washing and rust-proof oil, as well as the casting of sand particles, metal running-in down the powder, and then the second installation to form a formal system to ensure that the formal adjustment test run smoothly and put into normal operation.H Frame Press

     The cleaning time according to the complexity of the hydraulic jack, the required filtration accuracy and the degree of pollution of the hydraulic jack is different. After the scheduled cleaning time, according to the type and quantity of impurities filtered in the filter net, the second cleaning work is finished to determine whether the cleaning purpose is achieved. Hydraulic oil is a liquid working medium used in the hydraulic Jack transmission and control system to transmit energy. In addition to the transfer of energy, it also plays the role of lubrication, cooling, protection (rust), sealing, cleaning, vibration reduction seven.H Frame Press

     Whether the hydraulic system can reliably and effectively work depends on the performance of the hydraulic oil to a certain extent. Especially in the case of hydraulic components have been established, the performance of hydraulic oil and correct application becomes the primary problem. The effect of hydraulic oil on hydraulic jack is like blood to human body. Therefore, the reasonable choice, use, maintenance, custody of hydraulic oil stone is related to the reliability of hydraulic jack work, durability and work performance of the key problems, it is to reduce the hydraulic equipment failure of the powerful measures.H Frame Press

    Therefore, we must grasp the various theoretical properties of hydraulic oil properly and use the hydraulic oil rationally to reduce the malfunction of the hydraulic system.H Frame Press