High - Speed Press Features And Scope Of Application

   High-speed press is a continuous high-speed stamping for the purpose of the automatic punch.High Speed Press

    Slider movement with high operating accuracy, both high-volume production of good precision, excellent quality products, but also make the mold to maintain a good long-term accuracy. High-strength alloy casting body, the thermal aging treatment, with good rigidity, shock absorption is good, the advantages of small deformation.High Speed Press

First, the characteristics

1, reinforced rigid bed, shock absorption is good

2, stepless speed regulation, easy to operate

3, electrical PLC control, high reliability

4, smooth transmission, low noise

5, low inertia clutch, joint smooth, fast braking

6, slider balance device

7, automatic thin oil motor lubrication

Second, the scope of application

1. Slider-oriented precision, free from horizontal shocks

2. Mold life is long

3. Sturdy overall frame bed

4. The main motor support mounted on the shock damping element, the bearing and drive shaft bearings are independent of each other.High Speed Press

   Fast high-performance press is the high speed, high precision high-speed punch, this punch are generally used gantry type closed body structure, crankshaft and support parts using needle roller bearings, precision implementation of a level or special accuracy In foreign advanced standards). Stamping times up to 300 minutes or more. Ordinary mechanical presses Small tonnage with open structure, large use of gantry or closed structure. Steel-based welding (J23 can be tilted with the casting body). Crankshaft support for the copper tile or copper sets, the implementation of national standard ordinary standard accuracy, red times is not higher than 100 times per minute, for general parts of the stamping process. Of course, high-speed press price is also several times or more with tonnage punch.High Speed Press