High - Speed Press Bearing

     Uses and mechanical properties: The series of presses using three-dimensional CAD design, the finite element force analysis, modal analysis, to international standards. Particularly suitable for the production of electrical connectors, EI iron core, the motor stator and rotor and other small parts of the processing. This model is a continuous high-speed stamping for the purpose of the automatic punch. Slider movement with high operating accuracy, both high-volume production of good precision, excellent quality products, but also make the mold to maintain a good long-term accuracy. U high-strength alloy casting body, the thermal aging treatment, with good rigidity, good shock absorption, the advantages of small deformation.   Slide-guided form of the three-round guide column for the gap without static structure, to solve the high-speed operation of the high-precision problem, the crankshaft support using four-point combination of bearings, both to ensure high speed, but also to ensure high load Force, the use of dynamic balance device (B type), installed in the crankshaft on the power of the reverse device to reduce the machine running before and after the upper and lower vibration force, to promote the machine's high precision to long-term maintenance High Speed Press

Circulating oil cooling device (B type), refrigerant and lubricating oil in the double tube in the reverse cycle of moderate cooling to control the oil temperature will not rise, the oil will not degenerate, and the oil circulation control machine parts of the activities of the temperature L, so that the thermal expansion of the machine changes to a minimum, in order to obtain the best and stable bottom dead center accuracy. Hydraulic slider adjustment locking device, in the high-speed stamping operation, can have a high precision bottom dead center stability, so that the mold life and the accuracy of the product can be achieved, low inertia clutch with a smooth, fast braking, large flow forced lubrication System, continuous oil supply, pressure detection, to ensure the reliability of lubrication.High Speed Press  Stamping automation can not only greatly improve labor productivity, improve working conditions, reduce costs, but also can effectively ensure that stamping production in the personal safety, fundamentally change the stamping production, it is widely used in electronics, communications, automotive, machinery , Military, light industry, electrical appliances, instrumentation, medical equipment, automation equipment and home appliances manufacturing areas. In the rail transportation, aerospace, new energy and other products manufacturing applications are more and more widely.High Speed Press