Introduction To The Performance Of H-frame Presses

      Four-column hydraulic press time from the electrical control of the circuit in the time relay control, can be 0min-24min inside the conditioning. In addition to the hydraulic pump at lower pressure unloading, there is no oil activity in the system. Hydraulic pump-sequential valve-commercial oil cylinder reversing valve-lower hydraulic cylinder reversing valve-tank rapid return time relay delay to the time after, guaranteed to sleep, electromagnet power, pilot valve Right intervention system, release pressure valve so that the upper hydraulic cylinder reversing valve Also in the right position access system.H Frame Press
     At this time, the hydraulic control valve is opened, on the cylinder swiftly back, when the upper slider up to block hit in-situ stroke switch, electromagnet power off, pilot valve and the hydraulic cylinder reversing valve are in the middle. At this time, the upper hydraulic cylinder stop motionless. Hydraulic pumps in lower pressure write unloading.H Frame Press
      Four-column hydraulic press when the sliding block down to a certain azimuth pressure stroke Switch SQ2 2 out of the electrical signal, YA6 power, pump oil through the valve 8 left PZBZ channel into the main cylinder upper chamber, filling valve in the pressure oil "is also greater than an atmospheric pressure" and filling valve inside the Shang of the two-layer effect of the closure, at this time only by the hydraulic pump on the main cylinder cavity supply a certain flow of pressure oil, plus the main cylinder upper chamber area is larger, so the slider slow down and pressure, touch the workpiece, pressure rise. Guaranteed pressure delay. When the pressure in the system to the pressure relay gas effect, at this time to declare the electrical signal, four-column hydraulic machine control electromagnet power off, pilot valve and the upper cylinder reversing valve are in the middle, at this time the system into the guarantee pressure.H Frame Press
     When the transmission shaft continues to rotate, its diameter decreases, the working plunger extends out under the action of the reset spring, making the sealing chamber volume increase to form a vacuum, and the hydraulic fluid in the tank pushes the suction valve into the working chamber under the action of atmospheric pressure. Eccentric transmission shaft Rotation one weeks, pump oil a times, oil discharge once. This shows that the hydraulic pump can absorb oil, oil discharge depends on the volume of the sealed working cavity to achieve. Therefore, the hydraulic pump is called volume pump. The single plunger pump has only one working chamber, the continuity of the output liquid is not good, the pulsation is very big, so it can only be used for very simple liquid conveying equipment or operation equipment.H Frame Press