Introduction To The Working Principle Of Straight Side Press

     Straight-Edge presses operate without a hydraulic pump, which converts the mechanical energy of the original motive into the pressure energy of the liquid, the oil pump in the hydraulic system, which provides power to the whole hydraulic system. The structure of the hydraulic pump is generally a gear pump, vane pump and plunger pump. Yesterday we introduced the principle of the powder hydraulic machine gear pump, today and everyone to understand the system of hydraulic hydraulic pump working principle.Straight Side Press
     Working principle of Hydraulic pump: Hydraulic pump is a hydraulic element which provides pressurized liquid for hydraulic drive, it is a kind of pump. Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of the motor into a liquid pressure energy. The working principle of the single column piston pump is shown in the figure. Straight Side Press    
     The cam is driven by the motor. When the cam pushes the plunger upward movement, the sealing volume of the plunger and the cylinder body is reduced, the oil is extruded from the sealed volume and the valve is discharged to the desired place. When the cam rotates to the descending part of the curve, the spring forces the plunger downward to form a certain vacuum degree, and the oil in the tank enters the sealing volume under the action of the atmospheric pressure. The cam keeps the plunger up and down, the sealing volume decreases and increases periodically, and the pump continues to suck oil and drain oil.Straight Side Press
     According to the quantity of the cylinder, the straight-edge press is divided into single moving thin plate stretching machine and double moving thin plate drawing machine, and the workpiece is pressed and pulled deeply when the mould works. When the die is pressed on the press with a thin sheet of drawing, request the slide to rise to a certain position to achieve up and down mold clamping, so that the mold after the die not only maintain a certain pressure on the workpiece clamping, but also to make the mold with the upper slide down the pressure and drop (edge). Straight Side Press
    At this time, the lower cylinder reversing valve 14 in the middle, because the pressure on the hydraulic cylinder is far greater than the next hydraulic cylinder up the top force, the hydraulic cylinder sliding block under pressure in the current hydraulic cylinder piston forced to follow the downward. The upper chamber of the hydraulic cylinder is fluid into the upper chamber of the hydraulic cylinder, the lower hydraulic cylinder under the cavity of the oil through the hydraulic cylinder overflow valve 16 flow back to the tank, this can be adjusted by the overflow valve 16 open pressure value to adjust the required hydraulic cylinder top force.Straight Side Press