Metal Plate Bending Of Straight Side Press

In practice, because the remaining straight side in the round is difficult to eliminate completely, and resulting in a larger welding stress and equipment load, easy to produce the most quality and equipment accidents, so the general should be bent on the sheet material, so that the remaining straight edge bending to the desired radius of curvature and then roll Kua.Straight Side Press 

The pre-boast can be carried out on three rollers, four rollers or a pre bend hydraulic press. In order to prevent the contorted, the bending sheet is rolled in the bending plate machine. The longitudinal centerline of the sheet should be kept in strict parallel with the roller axis.Straight Side Press

Cold rolls. Cold roll, due to the rebound of the key plate, the volume must be applied to a certain amount of volume, in order to reach the required volume of the basin, but also back and forth several times. For high strength steels due to rebound, it is best to anneal before final roll bending. During the bending process, the curvature radius of the curved plate should be inspected continuously with a model. Hot rolls. Therefore, the cold roll must control the deformation basin. It is generally believed that when the thickness of the carbon steel plate is greater than or equal to 1/40 of the inner diameter, a hot coil should be carried out.Straight Side Press

The cylinder roll is deformed after welding, so it must be rounded. Three steps for loading, rolling and unloading of the rounding. According to experience or calculation, the roller is adjusted to the desired maximum correction curvature of the bit it, so that the sheet pressure. The sheet material is rolled 1-2 laps back and forth under the corrected curvature of the roller. To focus on rolling near the weld area, so that the whole circle curvature uniform, and then roll in the same time, gradually return to roll Jane, so that the workpiece in the gradual reduction of the correction load multiple rolls.Straight Side Press

The three-roll symmetrical upper-mode coiling machine is a kind of general equipment specially used for metal sheet bending forming, it can use special tools or other equipment to finish the bending of the head of the plate, and may roll the conical workpiece in the form of simple shape, arc and angle range, which is widely used in the installation and construction Three stick roll Plate machine Two under the roll for the active roll, it dances from the main motor through the gear reducer in the three-level transmission pair, and then passed to the next roller to support the first-class open gear pair, so that the next roll to obtain the design rotation speed, constitute the machine's main transmission system. The main drive system is provided with a brake to achieve rapid braking.Straight Side Press