Pneumatic Structure And Precautions For C - Frame Presses

    C-type press is also known as the bow press, because its shape resembles C and bow word named. C-type press is the main feature is easy loading and unloading, simple structure, simple operation, widely used and so on. C-type presses are mainly divided into pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical transmission.C Frame Press  C-type press work is mainly rely on the action to complete the processing of products, gas-liquid pressurized cylinder is the main core part of the C-type press, its working principle is to drive the oil through the compressed air to achieve high output. The output of the gas-liquid pressurized cylinder can be regulated by the drive air pressure source. The control is controlled by two solenoid valves, one for controlling the preloading of a pressurized cylinder, and the operation is very simple.C Frame Press

    Gas-liquid pressurized cylinder gas-liquid pressurized cylinder for the C-type press the main device, play the role of processing products. Rack with 45 # steel, integrated C-type, the overall light and simple, strong structural capacity. The electric control box is the control center of the machine, which can switch the manual and automatic mode by the electric control box, and adjust the working efficiency of the machine. The function of the triple is to filter the compressed air, adjust the air pressure source and lubricate the oil. Solenoid valve group can be two two-position five-way solenoid valve, and a two-way five-way and a three-way five-way solenoid valve, which combines adjustable mold, The safety grating is designed to protect the operator from the safety of the device, sensing the object into the machine's work area after the machine will stop working, to avoid the operator injured. Optional accessories magnetic switch, pressure sensors, load cells, booster pressure regulator, gas tank, tooling fixture, safety shield and so on. Pneumatic C-type press compared to mechanical transmission and hydraulic press is still a lot of advantages. Environmental protection and energy conservation, easy operation, easy maintenance, equipment, light, no temperature rise, the disadvantage is more than 100 tons of output advantage is not big. Mainly applicable to the industry hardware processing, electronics, instruments, meters, can be punching, cutting, embossing, riveting, forming and other metal processing.C Frame Press  As the C-type press of the gas-liquid pressurized cylinder is often in high-speed operation, easy to cause machine wear, it should operate according to operating instructions, booster cylinder operating temperature of -5 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ or so, the operating speed of 50 ~ 1000mm / S, in order to ensure the normal work of the pressurized cylinder, the use of the following points should be noted: 1. Keep clean Before the pressurized cylinder access to the gas road, please first pipe and components such as dust and other debris removal , So as not to reduce the service life of the booster cylinder. 2. Normal use within the pressure range, the cylinder in normal use when the working pressure must be in accordance with the inspection report specified in the working pressure range of work, shall not exceed the prescribed working pressure.C Frame Press