Press Labor Pains, Fallen Giants

Manufacturing growth deceleration in 2015, some industry drops, directly affects the development of forging, stamping and sheet metal production industry. Forging, stamping and sheet metal making joy and sorrow, development is not smooth. According to the information available to the 2015 annual sales (or yield) compared to 2014 with a slight increase, growth curve, including the automotive industry related to forging industry's growth curve, year two high, middle and low. In forging, and stamping and sheet metal gold making industry within, better of enterprise has three class, first class is production of products meet designed, and fine and special; second class is Octavia to capture to has policy bonus, effective and apt to caught has emerging market, this situation in the also has past has been in struggling insisted of enterprise, by policy bonus saved has they; third class is relies on technology progress, and culture progress and management progress survival, they does not seeking big and seeking fast, but is can in himself of market in the do vanguard, led this industry enterprise.

Forging and stamping industries around 65% for the automotive industry 2015 auto parts factory, for the commercial vehicles business declines by a wide margin; for some decline in support for passenger cars 5%-10%, individual enterprises are micro-growth, about 3% or so, due to the increased concentration of reason, a small number of enterprises growth 20%-30%.

And forging enterprise situation different, stamping, and sheet metal gold making industry of leading enterprise benefits are compared good, at least growth 20%, main is near two years special products (for example security equipment, and anti-fear facilities) of needs big increased, new energy, and aviation space and track traffic, of stamping, and sheet metal gold making enterprise situation bullish, led has related products of manufacturing volume; traditional mechanical industry, as engineering mechanical of stamping, and sheet metal gold making enterprise weaker. Supporting leading enterprises in the field of energy is the new one-stop production mode, chain integrity, all devices are sold in own facilities, Assembly, product directly to the market, both good and bad.