Press Manufacturers Lead The Machinery Industry Development

High-end CNC machine tools from import substitution and market demand growth prospects. China imported machine tool in machining centers, grinding machines, machining centers and other high-end machine tool products, 66.2% of the percentage accounted for imports of these products. Current situation of dependence on imports of most high-end CNC machine tools in China is still not broken, high-end CNC machine tools accounted for about 85% of domestic market share.

China's CNC machine tool production maintained rapid growth trend, CNC machine tools metalworking machine tools increased as a share of the total. Machine tool numerical control rate of increase year by year, NC production rate increased from 9.12% in 2001 to 19.79% of 2008, and output of NC rate also increased from 37.8% to 48.6%.

In the upgrading of the industrial structure and labor costs in China under the background of escalating, the late stage of industrialization in machinery and equipment investment increased, machine-human factors will increase the demand for machine tools and other machinery and equipment, demand for machine tools in the process of China's industrialization increase and improvement of product quality is the long-term trend of machine tool industry development.