Press Sector Out Of Its Financial Crisis

In electric spiral pressure machine industry in the equipment production technology of innovation is in pressure machine equipment development in the is has quite important of status of, technology innovation and products development Zhijian of contradictions is is more fierce, caused this problem of main reasons also is electric spiral pressure machine in production in the technology innovation not in place, lack fresh elements of injected, to led to technology innovation and products development Zhijian of problem more of obviously.

Electric screw press industry technological innovation should be injected into the product development and technical upgrading of electric screw press-related companies should be in production during the production process of the old for the new upgrade and modernization, according to new research, development and design of products equipment.

Electric screw press and quite weak according to the place of production, the importance of strengthening production technology upgrade, adding value to product branding, casting brand, implementing the brand strategy approach. Mechanical forging press machinery industry can be said to be heavy machinery equipment industry in the traditional concepts are often deemed to be extensive pattern of development to production, as social productivity continues to improve, the progress of science and technology in the forging equipment industry of advanced technology and more, but despite the technical word is also constantly updated extensive development pattern control for the Yes.

Below we will briefly the history of forging equipment at home, has just started forging equipment is around in the 1950 of the 20th century, after a short period of 30-40 years of development, forging our own production equipment has been good to become self-sufficient, having to rely on imports. And have successfully stabilized the domestic equipment markets, from forging equipment importer slowly to change equipment exporters.