Press The Golden Age Has Arrived

Liberate labor force since reform and opening up, our country has been called mature step by step and on the path of development. Press production machinery in the past, need to scale human assist not only cost people money, and in manufacturing precision products are relatively low. Now, fully automatic presses production will bring high efficiency low cost manufacturing, future production after the interconnection of the press entered the era of customization, which is now people remember "industrial 4.0" era of. Press production, should be rapid development under the wave?

It is conceivable that China is now promoting the adjustment of economic structure and the transformation of development mode of, areas of focus and key projects of high-end CNC machine tools, high performance cutting tools, precision measuring instruments of high demand, dependence.

For the machine tool industry, will become a guide for the development of numerical control technology. Press the development should focus on the smart, innovative, efficient development. Pressure machine of intelligent and automated CNC press is a machine tool industry direction, press high, tall, slender, high-speed, flexible, smart, modern logo.

Press efficiency, precision, high, environmentally-friendly development as first change in the IT industry. In the industry 4.0 impact of bad enterprises facing restructuring, will bring many industry a devastating blow.

The call was in line with the national, national increase to speed development of machine tool industry development strategy and policies to give strong support. Press as one of the widely used in the machine tool industry machinery and equipment, this is the best season, press manufacturers should seize the opportunity. Innovation leading the press industry development with science and technology.