Press The Key

Pressure machine is usually adopted by the motor flywheel flange and rotate the flywheel friction disk drive, compact structure, less transmission links. Then, press mechanical principles is what?

Press no fixed dead, for large forging parts, you can hit multiple times, singles, even and inch. Combat force and the deformation of the workpiece, deformation force when small, large deformation hour combat force. But its RAM speed low impact through the blockade, so smooth, it is the mechanical principles of press.

Press lower part are equipped with forged ejecting device, above, the press can be used for forging, stamping, deep drawing, and so on.

Forging machine tool used in the forged parts are the most important, and so must be checked and adjusted before use. Forging machine tool inspection and adjustment of content are:

First, before using it, to machine voltage withstand test, test pressure working pressure of 1.25 times, check the working stroke of the piston reached out to its maximum, and regulators probably 15 minutes decreased value shall not exceed the test pressure of the pressure gauge readings 4%.

Second, the reliability of the safety valve test, will be transferred to the working pressure of the relief valve, test five times in a row.

Third, after all pressure is removed, pressure gauge pointer back to the "0" position, replacement parts should be damaged, trolley without significant deformation, no sticking moving parts and oil should be leak-free.

Now punch has been widely used in electronics, telecommunications, household appliances, transportation and other production, usually some hardware manufacturers in the production and processing of time, far too many accessories can punch through the mold production. So, for punch press tooling materials, how to choose?

See material and the existence of other impurities.

Second, take a hammer and beat mold corners, if the mold is opened the black point or concave corners in, so this material is of normal quality, generally speaking, good material, can withstand the tapping and drilling.