Simple, Affordable, Practical Is The Automatic Press

Automatic pressure machine structure, simple, and economic, and practical. hydraulic control used plug loaded valve integrated system, action reliable, using life long, hydraulic impact small. reduced has links pipeline and leak points. independent of electrical control system, work reliable, action intuitive, maintenance convenient. used button concentrated control, has adjustment, and hands single times cycle two species operation way. through operation panel select, can achieved set drive, and set pressure two species forming process, and has insurance pressure delay, performance.

Main performance characteristics

(A) of artificial Rotary tooling, automatic press with fast Roulette, reach can be programmed automatically, automatic localization, automatic punching, automatic feed, automatic return, such as multiple-station CNC turret punch press stamping function and effect

(Ii) protection:

1. tonnage overload protection, and when the pressure exceeds the set tonnage, insurance stopped punching breaks installed inside, avoid pressing too much leads to bed deformation

2, overload protection when the itinerary to the limit will automatically stop to avoid crashes

3, diagnostic protection, software, system or electrical failure alarm, reminder to check and remove

4. air pressure protection, alarm and stops working when the pressure is too low, to avoid loss of pneumatic components

5. voltage protection function, when the voltage fluctuates greatly, automatic alarm and stop working, to avoid damage to servo systems, electrical components and software programs

(C) and the turret made of 40Cr, Germany set Roulette, positioning accuracy, greatly improving the die service life