Stabilizing Effect Of H Frame Press

     Frame is the basis of a device, if the design in the framework of unreasonable words, then the entire operation of the equipment will be affected by a certain, for the single injection hydraulic machine such precision machinery is more so. What are the basic requirements for its framework design?H Frame Press

     First, in order to ensure the stability of the single injection hydraulic press, its main frame should have good stiffness, strength and stability, and in this premise to minimize costs. In order to achieve the standard of the frame strength and stiffness, it can be achieved from static and dynamic aspects, and through reasonable design of sectional area and size.H Frame Press

     Secondly, the design of the framework to consider the deformation in which, should be as far as possible to reduce the deformation, so as to improve the stability of the framework is very helpful. Finally, the specific work of the single column hydraulic press should be the basis of the design framework. According to the above several conditions, now more than a beam head frame, plate frame and box-shell frame, etc.H Frame Press

    Frame-type electronic small scale to absorb foreign technology, a new design of a compact electronic small balance bridge, scales and frames with four high-precision cantilever beam sensor and functional weighing instrument, the system has an accurate height, weighing quickly, good stability and simple maintenance characteristics.H Frame Press

     The platform scale simple and lightweight, convenient handling, widely used in warehouses, workshops, bazaars, logistics and other occasions, suitable for pallet weighing and car weighing. Can be configured for slope, ground-scale frame, mobile device and instrumentation column.H Frame Press