Straight Side Of The Press Ring Replacement

    Hot press manufacturers usually have constant temperature hot press, pulse hot press, double-bit hot press, double-head pulse hot press, desktop hot press and other product types, and in all hot pressing stage should pay attention safe question. Operators should wear protective equipment to avoid being burned by hot press.Straight Side Press  Hot press at normal temperature, the installed plate to stay in the hot press within the time, not more than 10 minutes. Should pay attention to avoid operational errors, or hot press machine failure and other phenomena, so as not to damage the equipment. After the use of hot press in each class, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive clean, and do the appropriate record. There is, if the equipment fails, according to the provisions of the operation. For the pressure of the pressure head is particularly adjustable with the level of design to ensure that the components under pressure, the temperature of the NC, clear and accurate, you can rest assured that the use.Straight Side Press

    Hot press in the use of a long time after the need for replacement of the ring, we can from the hot press manufacturers to understand its replacement method. In the replacement of the seal when the time to pay attention to avoid into the dirt, impurities, etc., but also pay attention to safety issues. Then, wait until the support bracket support fixed, and then the replacement of the seal. In addition, in the process of replacing the sealing ring, but also pay attention to prevent the phenomenon of flange flange, so as not to affect the quality of hot press production. These aspects of the content, we must understand, so as to ensure the smooth use of hot press, while improving work efficiency.Straight Side Press