Straight Side Press Product Description

   Straight edge presses Product Description:

This series of testing machine can be used with a variety of materials to do all-round testing, in the paper packaging materials, a variety of paper quality testing, that is, ring pressure (RCT), flat pressure (FCT), edge pressure (ECT) PAT) and general compression (CMT) and other five kinds of tests, is a combination of a number of functions in a test equipment.

Design standards: TAPPI-T472, T808, T810, T811, T818, JIS-P8126, GBT 2679.6, GBT 2679.8, GBT 2679.17

    Straight edge press the high-quality carton detection equipment should be from the following aspects of a comprehensive analysis:

First, as a measuring instrument carton detection equipment, the first measurement accuracy should be high. It is necessary to explain here that accuracy and resolution are two different concepts. Accuracy is also called accuracy, refers to the measurement instrument is close to the true value of the response capacity is used to indicate the measurement results in the system error and the degree of random error, the average value of multiple measurements and the value of the close The Resolution is the minimum reading given by the instrument. The high resolution of the instrument is not equal to the high accuracy; but the high accuracy of the instrument must have a relatively high resolution. Want to understand the accuracy of a carton detection instrument can be obtained from several ways. 1, the Internet to find the corresponding manufacturers or business contacts, landing the instrument-related sites, see the appropriate technical parameters, if not found to call the consultation, which is the most convenient way. 2, read the relevant magazine view. 3, to participate in the relevant exhibition, ask to know or view the physical nameplate logo to obtain information. 4, it is best to access to third-party authority issued by the relevant test report, which is the most convincing.Straight Side Press

Second, straight edge press a high degree of automation, large upgrade space. Different manufacturers for all users for all-round consideration, the integration of the function is also slightly different. There are some of the following auxiliary functions: security protection (some even have multiple security protection), print function, real-time clock, a variety of measurement unit conversion function, data automatic calculation processing functions, data storage capacity, fault prompt function, sensor Non-linear correction function, connecting computer monitoring and control functions. The more auxiliary functions of the instrument, the higher the degree of automation, the higher the requirements of the processing chip, the detection equipment manufacturing costs are relatively high.Straight Side Press

Third, the instrument configuration is high, the stability of its operation. In order to achieve high automation, you have to have high-end micro-processing chip to rational deployment of various components to ensure the accuracy of the instrument under the premise of the completion of the entire test action. LCD display system is the mainstream of the current market, but at the same time digital control system or a large part of the original needle instructions system has not completely out of the market. Micro-printer main point and thermal printer, both have their own strengths, dot matrix printer to print out the data, easy to fade away will be stored; thermal printer is printed when the noise is small, but easy to fade. Recommend you here to buy needle (of course you can also choose thermal type). There are strong technical strength of the enterprise has begun to use the dual detection system, the so-called dual operating system refers to the detection device power can be completed after the entire test can be completed independently of the computer after the installation of the operating system through the computer to complete the entire testing process The.Straight Side Press

Four, pre-sale, sale, after-sales service in place. Mainly reflected in the handling of the timeliness of the incident, the maintenance costs outside the warranty period for a reasonable fee. Different manufacturers of the provisions of the service will be different, or by practice to verify it.Straight Side Press