Structure And Classification Of Straight Side Press

    Drive system: The drive system of the hydraulic press mainly has the pump direct drive and the pump-accumulator drive two kinds of type. The pump directly drives the driving system to provide high-pressure working liquid to the hydraulic cylinder, and the valve is used to change the supply direction, and the overflow valve is used to regulate the pressure of the system and to act as a safe overflow. This kind of drive system link is few, the structure is simple, the pressure can according to the required work force automatic increment and decrease, reduce the electricity consumption, but must by the hydraulic press maximum working force and the maximum working speed decides the pump and the drive motor capacity. This type of drive system is used for small and medium sized hydraulic presses, and is also useful for large (such as 120 million cattle) free forging hydraulic presses driven by pumps.Straight Side Press
   The pump-Accumulator drive has one or a set of accumulators in this drive system. When the high-pressure working fluid supplied by the pump is in surplus, it is stored by the accumulator, and when the supply is not enough, it is replenished by the accumulator. The system can choose the pump and motor capacity according to the average dosage of high-pressure working liquid, but because the pressure of working fluid is constant, the hydraulic jack, the power consumption is larger, and the link of the system is more complicated. This kind of drive system is used for large hydraulic press, or to drive several hydraulic presses with a set of drive system.
   Structural type: According to the direction of action, hydraulic press has vertical and horizontal two kinds. Most of the hydraulic press is vertical, and the hydraulic press with extrusion is more horizontal. According to the type of structure, hydraulic press has two columns, four pillars, eight pillars, welding frame and multi-layer steel belt winding frame, etc., medium and small vertical hydraulic machine also useful C-type frame. C-Type hydraulic press three-side open, easy to operate, but poor rigidity. Stamping of the welding frame hydraulic press is good rigidity, open and close, but left and right closed. In the vertical four-column free forging hydraulic press, the oil cylinder is fixed in the upper beam, the plunger is rigidly connected with the movable crossbeam, the movable beam is guided by the column and moves up and down under the pressure of the working fluid. The crossbeam has a working table that can be moved back and forth. The Anvil and Anvil are respectively arranged under the movable crossbeam and the worktable surface. The working force is subjected to a frame composed of upper and lower beams and columns.    The use of pump-accumulator-driven large and medium-sized forging hydraulic press is often used in three cylinders to obtain three-level working force. The working cylinder is also provided with an upward force balancing cylinder and a return cylinder.Straight Side Press
   Hydraulic machine Classification: According to structural form is mainly divided into: four columns, single column type (c), horizontal, vertical frame and so on. By use mainly divided into metal forming, bending, stretching, blanking, powder (metal, non-metallic) molding, pressing, extrusion and so on. Hot Forging Hydraulic Press: large-scale forging hydraulic press is able to complete a variety of free forging technology forging equipment, is the most widely used in the forging industry equipment. Currently has 800T, 1600T, 2000T, 2500T, 3150T, 4000T, 5000T and other series of specifications forging hydraulic press. Four-column hydraulic press: The hydraulic press is suitable for the pressing process of plasticity material. such as powder products molding, plastic products forming, cold (hot) Extrusion metal forming, sheet stretching and transverse pressure, bending pressure, turn through, correction and other processes.Straight Side Press