Technical Parameters Of High Speed Press

      Check the mold should be installed correctly, fastening securely. The Force center of stamping parts should coincide with the press center as far as possible. The die bearing area shall not be less than one-third of the base area of the punch. Cleaning up the punch travel space and mold space debris. After the first stroke of the head, only the manual flip flywheel is used for the air transfer test or the replacement of the mould or the adjustment of the closed height. Check and confirm the closing height of the mould and the adjustment of the position of the punching screw. The flywheel and the clutch must be in the off state to start the main motor, the flywheel rotation must be the same direction as the logo.High Speed Press
      Work in earnest: the absolute prevention of overlapping parts processing. Parts and surplus material is not to be removed before the feed is strictly prohibited. The slider does not allow the hand to reach into the mould space to rectify or take and put parts. Often pay attention to the mold status, such as the discovery of loose or part of the increase in Burr phenomenon, should be immediately stopped to check, troubleshooting after the work. After working, the flywheel and the clutch are off, and the head stops at the top dead position.High Speed Press
      The main technical parameters of the press. Nominal pressure (tonnage), in the stroke of the slider, the pressure is constant. Nominal pressure: Refers to the pressure in the lower dead point before a position (crank away from the bottom dead 20°-30°) slider. The distance from the dead dead to the bottom dead center of the slider stroke. Closed height. The distance from the sliding block to the press worktable at the lower dead end. Size of mould handle hole of worktable, adjusting amount of connecting rod High Speed Press
      Power: The closing height of the die. The closed height of the die is the distance of the top of the die seat on the bottom surface of the die when the die is in the lowest working position. The closing height of the die must be between the maximum clamping height and the minimum clamping height of the press. The clamping height of the press is the height of the plane at the bottom of the sliding block at the lower dead point of the slide. Extra pad value than the height of the die. The closing height of the die and the clamping height of the press should be satisfied.High Speed Press