Type Of H Frame Press

Plate and frame filter press has manual compression, mechanical compression and hydraulic compression in three forms. Manual compression is the screw jack to promote the compression plate compression; mechanical compression is equipped with H-type gear box, the rack drive components to promote the compression plate compression; hydraulic pressure is a hydraulic station by the hydraulic cylinder The parts push the compression plate against.H Frame Press 

The two beams connecting the thrust plate and the pressing device together constitute the frame, the pressing plate and the pressing device dumpling are connected in the frame, and the filter plate and the filter frame are arranged alternately between the thrust plate and the pressing plate, The filter plate and the filter frame sandwiched between the filter media; compression device to promote the compression plate, all the filter plate and filter frame pressed in the rack, to the rated compression force, you can filter. The suspension enters the filter chamber from the feed hole on the thrust plate (the filter frame and the adjacent filter plate form the filter chamber). The solid particles are trapped in the filter chamber by the filter medium, and the filtrate passes through the medium, outer.H Frame Press

The filtrate of the filter press has two kinds of open flow and undercurrent. The filtrate is discharged from the liquid outlet of each filter plate directly. The flow is easy to monitor the filtration of each filter plate. Plate filter is impure, you can close the plate out of the mouth; if the filter plate of the filter plate from a liquid discharge pipe outside the system is said that undercurrent, undercurrent for the filtrate volatile or the filtrate harmful to the human body suspended Liquid filtration.H Frame Press

When the sludge is too thick or dry block left, it will cause the supply port of the plug, then there is no medium between the filter plate only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself, this time the plate itself due to a long time easily lead to damage The Insufficient supply or in the material containing inappropriate solid particles, the same will cause the frame itself too much force to damage. If the outlet is clogged by solid or closed when the feed valve or the valve is closed, the pressure is free to leak, causing damage. When the filter plate is not clean, sometimes the media will leak, once the leak, the edge of the frame will be washed out of a small ditch together, a large number of media pressure caused by leakage can not be formed, mud cake can not be formed.H Frame Press